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Digitalization remains a significant part of optimizing our value and operational efficiency with activities in 2022 bringing EUR 26 mn benefit over the coming four years. Highlighted examples for 2022 include:

A digitalized predictive cleaning schedule for the heat exchangers in our crude distillation units in Austria and Romania resulted in both better energy efficiency and higher throughput. These data-driven optimizations generated savings of EUR 1.7 mn p.a. and contributed to our sustainability targets by saving approximately 37,000 CO2 p.a.

Our new digital Customer Engagement Platform saw the launch of our customer portal in 2022, which enables customers to enjoy the benefits of a modern collaboration platform with features such as instant information on placed orders or checking available credit lines.

The significant digital milestone for our retail business came with the launch of the OMV MyStation app, a mobile app that went live in 2022 in five countries. The app had already counted approximately 402,000 users by the end of 2022, and digitalized OMV’s loyalty program, among other functions. To further improve the customer experience, future functionality will aim to also include options in the areas of sustainability and customer service. The loyalty club, enhanced by the app, contributed to an increase in our premium fuels share, which for a loyalty member is double that of a non-member (34% share of premium fuels for members).

Over the last two years, the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has automated 107 routine processes and delivered benefits of over EUR 2.8 mn of year-on-year savings.

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