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Health, Safety, Security, and Environment

Health, safety, security, and protecting the environment are key values at OMV. The integrity of OMV’s operating facilities, loss prevention, proactive risk management, and climate change mitigation are essential for attaining OMV’s vision of “ZERO harm – NO losses.”

HSSE Strategy

To achieve this vision, the OMV Group’s HSSE Strategy was established as an integral part of the OMV Sustainability Strategy. The HSSE Strategy focuses on the cross-functional goals of strong HSSE commitment and leadership, increased efficiency and effectiveness of HSSE processes, management of HSSE risks, and skilled people, as well as subject matter goals in the areas of:

  • Health: improving the ability to work through integrated health management
  • Safety: establishing sustainable safety for people and facilities
  • Security: protecting people, assets, and reputation from emerging malicious intentional threats
  • Environment: minimizing the environmental footprint throughout the life cycle of activities
Health, Safety, Security, and Environment