Material Topic: Employees

Creating stable jobs and good working conditions, especially by enabling skills development

Key GRIs

  • 401: Employment 2016
  • GRI 404: Training and Education 2016


  • Employee and social concerns

Most relevant SDGs

Following the announcement of the OMV Group’s Strategy 2030, all Human Resources () functions Group-wide were renamed People & Culture (P&C). The aim of this department is to fully support the OMV Group’s Strategy 2030 by prioritizing key aspects that enable us to unlock our organization’s full potential. The new name points to the department’s aim and purpose and emphasizes that people and culture are central to achieving the targets defined in our strategy. As such, the statement “People make it happen” not only creates the right working environment in which our employees can thrive, but also ensures that they can further develop their skill sets to meet the demands of our dynamic business.

We have also developed a new People & Culture Strategy, which fully supports the transformation of OMV. The core of the new People & Culture Strategy is our purpose, i.e., “Re-inventing essentials for sustainable living.” We have developed four strategic drivers: Employee Experience, Growing Talent, Organizational Evolution, and New Ways of Working. These are all powered by a solid foundation of Transformational Leadership, driven by our leaders.

People & Culture Strategy

People and Culture Strategy (graphic)

Building and retaining a talented and skilled team of employees for international and integrated growth is a key factor in the success of the Group’s strategy. We are committed to creating an environment in which every employee can learn, grow, connect, and collaborate, as well as live a safe and healthy life. OMV’s core commitments to its employees are detailed in the Code of Conduct. These include promoting learning and development and creating an environment where people can develop professionally and fulfill their personal aspirations in line with our business needs.


The OMV Group’s P&C department covers the following topics:

  • Talent acquisition
  • Organizational effectiveness, including talent management, leadership development, learning and development, etc.
  • People relations, comprising payroll and employee administration, and employment law and contracts
  • Rewards and global mobility
  • Coordination by People & Culture representatives of the activities of various units and countries in which we operate

The organizational setup of the local P&C departments in the various countries is aligned with the principles of being fit for purpose, operating as efficiently as possible, and generating the broadest possible synergies. We promote the strategic exchange of talent between OMV and Borealis to offer employees additional job opportunities and support the development of new skill sets.

The OMV Group P&C leadership team reports directly to the OMV Group Senior Vice President of P&C. The VPs of the P&C departments at Borealis and OMV Petrom functionally report to the  of P&C of the OMV Group. The SVP reports directly to the CEO.

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