OMV Mitarbeiter in Schutzkleidung (photo)

Health, Safety, and Security

Health, safety, and security constitute an integral part of our commitment to conducting our business in a responsible way. We continuously aim to improve our employees’ ability to work through integrated health management. We build on sustainable safety measures to protect people by providing a safe and healthy workplace and ensuring the integrity of our plants. We also protect people and assets from the possibility of intentional malicious threats.

OMV’s long-term business success is dependent on our ability to continually improve the quality of our business activities while protecting people, the environment, assets, and our reputation. The Health, Safety, and Security strategic focus area emphasizes reducing health and safety risks for OMV employees and customers, as well as protecting assets, information, and operations against any threat. Particularly in a global pandemic, our Company’s resilience is dependent on our emergency and crisis management capabilities, our health initiatives, and the steps we take to improve our employees’ overall well-being.